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Alumni from Kennebec Camps

The Maine Golf and Tennis Academy is the best golf camp and the best tennis camp in the United States. Superior instruction makes that so. 

Golf Camp & Tennis Camp ranked #1 in the USA by Sports illustrated. Children come from as close as Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts and as far away as China. 

Visit Orginal Kennebec Junior Camp anytime, we would love to see you and introduce you the present day campers. Call or email us and let us know when you can visit. You are always welcome! Call 800 465 3226 or email

For the Uncles, Staff, Campers and Counselors from the Past 100 Years

"Lift up your hearts and voices for the ol' Maroon and Gray"

camp kennebec

"Leave Your Campsite in a Better Condition,
Than you found it"

Camp Kennebec Video - WATCH HERE 

Kennebec lives and through it, the new face of Kennebec lives in a way that has earned the gratitude of families today. The more recent campers feel part of the alumni because they still benefit from Kennebec's wisdom, the core program philosophy, and many of the 100 year old traditions, that makes them equally as proud to belong, as do and did, the original alumni, like my father, uncles, and son.

- Joel Lavenson

Traditions Keep the Spirit of Kennebec Alive

color war

Phillip Hermann and his counsin Darren Mekkawy, Maroon and Gray Captains, revived single handedlyThe Great Kennebec Race, Color War, and the Maroon and Gray Spirit of old.

Ettiquette Before Talent and Good Sportsmanship Count more than points.

Points are added and subtracted for good behavior and poor behavior.

The Circle has been the same for over 100 Years. The same cabins that you lived in. ( Updated of course)

lake salmon

Lake Salmon beckons.