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Summer camp Activities

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Instruction Classes and Stations

A list of training stations that students switch every 20-30 minutes from 9-12 AM
Daily Clinics
1 hour specialized clinic, i.e. curing a slice, serve, ground strokes, curing a hook, special clubs, drop shots, bunker work, ESL - English Classroom, etc.

Each camper will fill out a form in their Parents Information Packet, in the Spring, a list of activities from which to choose from. Waterfront activities
Golf Courses and Alternative Activities
Daily supervised 9-hole play offered on beautiful and different 18 hole courses around Maine.

guitar man
Evening Activities
As the sun goes down, we're turning up the fun! Check out our own Cinema Cafe
Weekend Activities and Trips
The weekends are devoted to exploring the wonders of Maine and the magical 3,700 miles of coast line. Slip N'Slide , Lobster Feast in Belfast Harbor
Friday Golf Outings
Every other Friday, we have a golf outing at a local 18 hole course. Parents may play by reservation only by May 1.