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Camper Health Care Page

Maine Golf and Tennis Academy Health Page 

Our wonderful Nurse lives here at camp and our fantastic Pediatrician on-call Doctor lives only 4 minutes away. The Mid Maine Medical Hospital is an excellent facility only 13 minutes away. We have the most modern and well equipment hospital in Maine with all the specialties and disciplines of a major city. Medical Insurance is required, so that when our Nurse and Doctor need to prescribe treatment and/or medical attention, it is covered by the camper's policy. Administering prescription medicine is done as needed or after each meal.

NOTE: All medications must be regisitered and administered through the Camp Meds program of prescription medicine dispensing for campers. See website: Camp Meds.  Please do not bring or send prescription medications. If you choose not to use Camp Meds there will be a $150 Medication Administration Fee.

Phone and Email

Campers are permitted to make one phone call per week after the first week, and emails may be received by campers any time through our email service which is $15 per week. This policy helps the camper better adjust to camp and begin to establish the bond with the us here at the camp that is so important for them, so that they can take full advantage of all the great experiences camp life has to offer.Parents of course, can call as often as they like to check with us on how their camper is doing.

Certifications and Achievement Books

Our own 5 achievement levels that require passing tests of skill, knowledge, and accomplishments in each level before moving on to the next.