With so many different options for summer camps available today, picking the right camp for your child can be a very difficult decision. Many camps today are highly specialized and their varieties are endless, offering something for almost any child’s interests or skills. There are camps for any sport you can think of, but if you want to send your child to a camp where they will learn and improve in a new sport as well as learn the value of honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship, then a golf camp could be the right option.

Here are some important things to consider when picking a golf summer camp for your son or daughter.

Is it a day or overnight golf camp?

Find out whether the camp is only run during the day or if it is a sleep away golf camp. You should know beforehand which type of camp you want to send your child to.

Does the camp have PGA certified instructors?

Picking a golf camp with PGA certified instructors will ensure you that your child is getting the correct training and will leave golf camp being a better player.  While the most important thing for a child at camp is having fun, getting proper training is important too.

What other activities does the camp offer?

Most golf camps offer other activities at the camp other than golf. Check with the camp what other activities will be available for your child to do when not on the links and check with your child whether or not those activities are ones that they will enjoy doing.

Check the golf camp safety policy

Knowing that your child will be safe and well looked after should be a top thing to consider when picking a golf camp for your child. Check the camp website for their safety policy or give the camp a call or send them an email inquiring about it.