A Typical Day

Boy Smiling8 am - Breakfast
Each morning, our campers begin their day with a nourishing breakfast crafted to energize both their bodies and minds for the thrilling activities ahead. Our breakfast options include a variety of hot items, fresh fruits, yogurt, granola, bagels, toast, pastries, a selection of cereals, and orange juice.

8:30 am - Elective Scheduling
With iPads in hand our programming staff use this time (in the dining hall) to schedule camper’s elective choices for the following day. Each camper's activity schedule is tailored to their specific focus program, ensuring a personalized experience. These schedules are structured yet flexible, with the aim of enabling campers to participate in activities they truly enjoy. During electives, campers have the option to continue training in their focus program (including private lessons) or choose to participate in one of over 30 traditional camp activities.  Our directors and counselors are on hand and ready to offer guidance to campers during the daily elective choice sign-up. Parents are welcome to request elective preferences via the camper profile form in the camper portal.

Boy playing tennis8:40 am - Morning Council
After breakfast, the full camp gathers at our picturesque lakeside council site for daily announcements and lots of camp family fun and laughter.  This fosters a sense of unity and excitement for the day ahead. 

9:00 am - Clean Up
After Council, each cabin comes together to finish preparing for the day ahead.  Campers work together to clean their cabin and get prepared for the exciting activities that await them. At the conclusion of the clean-up, our counselors, camp mom, and directors will make sure that each camper puts on sunscreen, wears suitable attire for their morning activities, and has a filled water bottle.

9:30 am - 12:25 pm - Morning Activities 
Campers will be scheduled into three 55-minute activities, based on the options chosen on the prior day. A typical schedule includes a double period of focus time (Golf or Tennis instruction), followed by another activity of choice - campers can choose from 30 elective activities or continue with their focus. 

Kids playing pool12:30 pm - Lunch
Lunch provides a time to refuel with a delicious and balanced meal.  Every day, our talented team of chefs prepare a fresh and nutritious kid-friendly lunch.  Popular favorites include philly cheesesteak sandwiches, chicken fingers and fries, grilled cheese & tomato soup, and homemade pizza.  Lunch is always served with a full salad bar, fresh soup, pasta bar, and a selection of fresh fruit.

1:15 pm - Rest Hour
Rest hour is a crucial time for campers to relax, recharge, and reflect on the morning's achievements.  Campers will stay in their cabin area where they can take a nap, play with their friends, write home, or unwind in whatever way is best suited to their individual needs.

2:15 pm to 5:15 pm - Afternoon Activities
The afternoon continues with three 55-minute activities (focus and electives) and a refreshing fruit break.  Depending on each camper’s focus and interests, this could include individual instruction in golf or tennis, course or match play, and the opportunity to participate in one of our thirty traditional camp activities. 

Boy and girls smiling5:15 pm - Cleanup and Showers
Every day, we set aside time for campers to refresh and relax after a fulfilling day of activities, ensuring that they have the time and space to fulfill their personal hygiene needs. 

6 pm - Evening Council 
As the day winds down, the full camp gathers for Evening Council, a chance to kick back and reflect on the day's adventures.  It’s a relaxed event with campers and staff sharing stories and celebrating the successes of the day. 

6:20 pm - Dinner
Alongside an array of delicious entrees served by our talented team of chefs, dinner is a chance to talk through the day in greater detail - helping to build those tight-knit friendships that make camp unforgettable.  Every dinner is served with a full salad bar, fresh fruit, and a fun desert. 

Evening 17:00 pm - Cabin Time  
This is a great time for campers and counselors to unwind and gear up for the evening's fun. It’s an opportunity to freshen up, hang out with friends, or play some ping-pong & roof ball. 

7:45 pm - Evening Program
Each day wraps up with a unique and fun evening activity. Our outstanding programming team consistently crafts creative and captivating activities that are beloved by campers. Whether it's showcasing talents at the talent show, participating in an all-camp relay race, or enjoying a campfire, there's something to delight everyone.

9:30 - 10:15 pm - Bedtime 
After a day filled with excitement, campers settle into their cabin for the night. It's an ideal time for fostering cabin camaraderie. During this time, counselors often read stories or encourage reflections on the wonderful day spent at camp with their campers. The lights-out time varies depending on the camper's age, typically ranging between 9:30 pm and 10:15 pm. Our cabins are always staffed with counselors overnight to guarantee the safety, comfort, and well-being of every camper.

Evening 2All-Camp Trip Days
Once a week we offer a break from the daily golf and tennis schedule and organize trips which are designed to allow campers to connect with the natural beauty and unique culture of the State of Maine. Regardless of the destination, these outings offer opportunities for fun and new experiences.

Some of our Weekly Trips:

  • Funtown Amusement Park
  • Splashtown Water Park
  • Portland Sea-Dogs Baseball Game
  • Maine Beach Day
  • Explore the Town of Freeport




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