Combo Junior Golf and Tennis Program - Serve and Turf

Girl with tennis ballsFor Campers who want to split their summer session’s focus on instruction between Golf and Tennis. Each camper will be given a schedule devoting half their time to each. They will be scheduled by the pros upon arrival, to take a minimum of one week at a time, golf or tennis instruction , then one week of the other (or vice versa). The Directors of Instruction will arrange the best schedule for all concerned.

Our Serve and Turf (Tennis and Golf) Combination Program is limited by spaces available, 16 campers per session. Campers receive the highest level of instruction during our regular morning training periods and top quality play every afternoon. The schedule of activities and events are the same as the single focus session of either golf or tennis, as with Combination Programs campers participating in a full week of golf instruction and course play, or a full week of tennis instruction, competition and play.


35 Golf Academy Drive
Belgrade, Maine, 04917


135 Maine Street #292
Brunswick, Maine 04011