What is New England Golf and Tennis Camp like?

Campers get the opportunity to benefit from state of the art instruction while also getting the benefits of a traditional summer camp experience.  Campers sleep in traditional cabins with at least 2 counselors and approximately 8 kids. The buildings are continually upgraded and renovated to provide a wide range of activities to be enjoyed. Our camp provides a warm atmosphere that will become a camper’s home away from home.  We pride ourselves on being the camp that cares for all members of our community and there is a place for everyone.

Where is New England Golf and Tennis Camp located?

Our camp is located in the woods of Central Maine in the beautiful town of Belgrade. We are fortunate to be located on the shores of pristine and beautiful Lake Salmon. It is a camp that is surrounded by natural beauty and still centrally located in the state so that most of the attractions that Maine provides are within our reach. We are about 3 hours from Boston, Massachusetts, a little more than an hour from Portland, Maine, about 4 hours from Montreal, Canada, and 6 1/2 hours from New York City.

What are Campers like at New England Golf and Tennis Camp?

Our campers come from all over the world to live in a community that is accepting, diverse and vibrant. From our elite players to beginners, the attitude of the staff and campers is to create the climate that one can reach the maximum level of their ability in our program.  Each camper will have the opportunity to become a more skilled golf and tennis player as well as have fun and make great new friends and memories.

What is the staff like at New England Golf and Tennis Camp?

Our staff has been recruited to provide both a high level of instruction and to provide campers with a nurturing, healthy environment that promotes individual growth. That is why so many of our staff will choose to return year after year to experience camp each summer, maintain great relationships built in the past and to forge new relationships with great campers in the future.

Is the program too advanced for my child?

At New England Golf and Tennis Camp, there is a program for everyone. Whether you are a beginner and just want to learn more about the sport, or an elite player, we have a program which will allow kids to get to the next level of golf or tennis. We use state of the art equipment to help in instruction and each camper is given what they can handle personally in any given day.

What is the food Like at New England Golf and Tennis Academy?

Our food is carefully prepared by a professional staff that pride themselves in creating healthy and delicious food for our campers to enjoy each day.  Our number one concern is that every child leaves each meal satisfied with the dining experience and with the proper nutrients to support them through the busy days of camp. There are options at every meal so that each camper will get something that they like at each meal.  We can also accommodate most specialty diets if we know in advance of any issues. If your child has a food allergy or you have questions regarding our accommodations for that particular allergy, please call our camp office at (207) 729-2267. Most meals are eaten with your cabin and allow a great time to bond with your counselors and fellow campers.

What are the facilities like at The New England Golf Camp?

Our campus spans over 60 acres of natural beauty which includes our own executive golf course and driving range. There are numerous tennis courts both hard and clay surfaced. We have an active and vibrant waterfront which gives our kids a chance to relax, cool off and have fun after a summer’s day of developing golf and tennis skills.  We also have facilities to host activities such as basketball, soccer, table tennis, ropes/climbing/wall, music in our charming theater, yoga, arts and crafts, fitness and other activities.

Where do campers at New England Golf and Tennis Camp come from?

Campers join us from all over North America, and about 10 other nations. Despite coming from different locations, our campers share much in common with each other. Our campers are usually good natured, fun, and well-rounded.

After we enroll, how often will we hear from camp?

We will maintain a connection with families via email, phone, skype and home visits. In the early spring each family will receive a Parent Information Packet, which will answer many of the questions that families have when preparing for camp. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions that parents may have. Please feel free to contact us at the camp office by phone at 207-465-3226 or by email at camp@golfcamp.com.

How do children get to camp?

Our staff is very experienced with transportation arrangements to camp. There are children arriving from all over the world, and we will work with you to assist in arranging the details. Our staff meets and greets all campers flying into Portland or Boston airports and transports them back to camp. There is an extra charge for some of these chaperoned trips. We are aware of the importance of transportation arrangements for our campers and always meet flights as children arrive.
Parents are welcome to drop off and pickup their children at camp. All sessions begin on Sundays and end on Saturdays.

The drop off time is between 1:30 – 3:30 PM and the pickup time is between 9:00 – 11:00 AM

Is New England Golf and Tennis Camp a uniformed camp?

Yes, due to the specific nature of golf and tennis, we feel that appropriate apparel is part of the game. All uniforms will be ordered through the camp office and will be distributed when the camper arrives at camp.

Is laundry done at the camp?

Yes, each camper will have their laundry done by our laundry staff once each week. A packing list will be included in the parent information packet to ensure that each camper has plenty of clothes each week.

Do Campers clean their cabins and bathrooms?

Our cleaning staff will clean, deodorize and disinfect each cabin bathroom on a daily basis. Campers and counselors are responsible for keeping their living area tidy.

Do all the cabins have electricity?

Yes, all cabins have electricity and a limited amount of outlets for clocks and fans.

How clear is the Lake?

New England Golf and Tennis Camp is located on 3-mile-long Salmon Lake. The crystal-clear lake is naturally warmed and the water temperature gets as high as 80 degrees during the day.