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TrackMan is Changing The Way We Practice

Change your game with TrackMan®

TrackMan provides the platform that helps you improve your golf game whether you are a Junior Golfer or a Tour Pro looking to cut a few strokes off your round. Having access to reliable swing and ball flight data is essential to improving your game in an efficient way.

trackman used at golf camp

golf camp trackman technology

golf camp director allen terrell

Coach Allen Terrell

Led by Allen Terrell of The Dustin Johnson Golf School, New England Golf Camp is one of only a few junior golf camps using the cutting-edge TrackMan technology. TrackMan is a revolutionary piece of technology that provides golfers of all levels with performance related information. It takes all of the guess work out of yardage control, proper golf ball and equipment needs. We use this daily with our campers by utilizing Doppler radar technology. TrackMan measures the exact three-dimensional club movement and ball flight and provides precise data on the ball launch, ball flight and ball landing. TrackMan measures the full distance and trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives and measures the landing position with an accuracy of one foot per 100 yards. All sessions are provided by our Director of Coaching, Allen Terrell, one of only sixteen TrackMan University Master Instructors.

pga pro dustin johnson at golf camp

Dustin Johnson and Coach Terrell

For the past five years, one constant in Terrell’s teaching has been TrackMan, which he relies on because, he says, “It quantifies practice and improvement.” When working with the game’s best—Tour pros and those who aspire to that level—the coach not only has to be sure about what he says, he has to have the evidence to back it up. “It helps me be a better coach. What the golfers feels and what is actually happening can be pretty far apart. There are many things you just can’t see on film. TrackMan helps convince and qualify for a player that he’s on the right path to improvement. Nothing replaces the art of teaching but TrackMan is a powerful tool to improve golfers.” Most important at New England Golf Camp is the goal to help all levels of golfers. “We love using TrackMan to help golfers find distance without having to do a lot of swing changing. All of our campers get longer because of the data TrackMan provides us.” “TrackMan isn’t a method. It’s factual, it doesn’t lie. It fits perfectly in our camp philosophy where we do not have a method we force golfers into but use science to make golfers better.” Coach Terrell works with golfers of all levels, including juniors from beginners to the elite—and when working with Johnson, TrackMan remains an invaluable tool.

V1 Video Analysis

New England Golf Camp uses the V1 digital video coaching system. The V1 system is generally recognized as the leader in golf instruction technology. V1 is endorsed by the PGA and many of the top golf instructors in the world.

​V1 Golf allows you and your instructor to view, analyze, and diagnose your swing, simply and precisely. With the help of V1 Golf, your golf instructor will provide a clear understanding of your current golf swing and how to improve it. ​A lot of uncertainty is removed when you see your swing compared to a PGA professional.

94ac78_37645256ec8c7b6eca927aa98fd950fc.jpg_srz_p_394_264_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzParents will be able to view each lesson by logging on to their campers personal virtual locker located on our website. Campers will have year round access to that locker where all of their lessons will be stored.

New England Golf Camp’s commitment to campers does not end when they leave camp and the V1 system is the perfect tool to continue offering valuable golf instruction for their golf game. During the year campers can email video of their golf swing to our golf director. Our golf director will then analyze their swing through V1 and place the video lesson in that campers virtual locker.

“Tiger Woods recently credited V1 Pro, the best-known swing recording and analysis system, with helping so many young golfers these days get so good, so fast.”

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